Why EngageRate…

for Improved Underwriting & Rating

Individual underwriting
is inaccurate, inconvenient,
expensive & intrusive

30% of
policies misquoted

weeks delay

per application

Lab tests, questionnaire,
medical exams

Accurately and efficiently predict mortality risk and health scores in the group and individual insurance sectors using minimal, activity-based population data… independently validated by 2 of the top 5 global reinsurers (MunichRE & SCOR)

Activity is 10x more predictive of mortality than smoking

Activity-based underwriting is fast, inexpensive and 20%
more accurate than traditional means

Why EngageRate…

for Improved Client Activity & Engagement

Only 1 out of every10 well-intentioned working individuals will achieve their chosen activity goal on their own1

Sedantary2 workers have health costs that are 35% higher than non-sedentary workers

Only 1 out of every 2 sedentary 45-year olds will be alive in 10 years3

… and their insurers don’t have a clue who’s active and who’s not.

19% according to a Performance Lab case study

20-5,000 average daily steps per Vivametrica research

3Vivametrica research

Activity behavior change technology that provides guidance for those working to improve their health, weight and fitness; guidance that is as personalized as one receives from a personal coach or clinician but with the continuous feedback one can receive from an activity tracker. ARDA classifies and authenticates activity data, enabling engagement that enables dynamic underwriting and incentive-based rewards.

Personalized and contextualized activity coaching methodology that over a 5-year period of time has resulted in:

5% reduction in BMI and total cholesterol

11% reduction in resting heart rate

22% increase in aerobic fitness

97% of participants saying they enjoyed the experience

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